In my line of work I have the pleasure of working with many talented sound designers, and although I’ve not worked directly with Benjie I can say that he is a fine sound artist, creative and focused on the details. His demo work on the Game of Thrones intro animations was clean, powerful and really quite fun. He understands key concepts such as clarity, space, variation and sonic color, and would be an asset to any sound team or client seeking a sound guy with an eagerness to collaborate and a cool sense of style.

Jay Jennings – Sound Designer & Filmmaker – Birdhouse Sound



I know Benjie through the Georgia Game Development Association. Aside from being a very talented sound designer Benjie is also quite skilled at project development. If you are looking for creative audio lead Mr. Freund would be an excellent choice.

Benjie has been a long-time industry peer of mine. He is a highly motivated and technically savvy game designer with a very strong sound design skill set. I have had the honor of reviewing much of his technical work and can easily say Benjie is a top-tier professional.

Jesse James Allen – Studio Audio Director – EA Sports / Tiburon



Benjie contributed Sound Design to numerous Hi-Rez Studios game projects. He was responsible for the majority of sound fx and Unreal audio implementation for the game Tribes: Ascend which earned multiple Editor’s Choice and Game of The Year awards. He was extremely open to feedback and iteration toward achieving the highest sound quality. And I could always count on him to deliver on schedule, regardless of the amount of extra work required.

Todd Harris – COO, Hi-Rez Studios



Benjie and I collaborated as sound designer and composer on the “Witchy Riches” slot machine game for World Touch Gaming. His keen attention to detail and quick turnaround on the demands of this project made our combined work a great success.

Curtis Bryant – Composer at Curtis Bryant Music



I was initially impressed with Benjie’s enthusiasm, communication skills, and professional demeanor when I worked with him a few years ago as a Senior Developer at Hi-Rez. During the contract, Benjie worked with me (I have since moved on to a different gaming company), he consistently demonstrated all of these qualities and more, and I heartily endorse him for any audio engineering position.

Hunter Hoyt – Java / .Net Developer